• How to Create Phantom Crypto Waℓℓet Account

    The setup process of the Phantom Crypto Wallet is not so difficult. You can set up it by approaching the path that is given below. Make sure phantom app that your device is connected with the internet connection before moving on to the steps:

    1. Launch the browser on which you have added the Phantom extension

    2. Now, you need to open the extension by clicking on its icon

    3. Get to the ‘Create Wallet’ button and click on it

    4. Choose a new password for your crypto wallet Phantom Login

    5. Type it again in the next field to confirm it

    6. Now, you need to agree to the Phantom terms of use

    7. Look for the ‘Next’ button and click on it

    8. Now, you need to get to the ‘Secret private key’ details and click on it

    Pro Tip: Once you find the secret recovery code or private key details for your Phantom Wallet, you are suggested to write it on a blank paper and keep it safely at the place where only you have access.

    1. Reach to the ‘Continue’ button and click on it

    2. Now, enter the seed phrase detail correctly to confirm it

    3. After confirming, find and click on the ‘Finish Wallet Setup’ button

    4. Now, yourwill be ready to trade cryptos

    People who have created their wallets can easily access them using the password details. The complete process to login to Phantom account are given below:

    1. Open the Phantom Wallet mobile app or browser extension

    2. Now, type the password details of your wallet

    3. Check the password again and then click the ‘Unlock’ button

    4. Finally, you have logged in to your Phantom account